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Six Months After Hurricane Ian, Some Pine Island Residents Struggle To Move On

S​ix months after Hurricane Ian roared ashore in Southwest Florida, residents are still living in a disaster zone. [Read more]
2 hours ago

One Person Has Died, Two Others Rescued In Large Colorado Avalanche

A large Colorado avalanche has killed one man. Two other men were also buried, but were later rescued and taken for medical treatment. [Read more]
3 hours ago

At Least 15 Dead, Over 100 Injured In South American Earthquake

An earthquake that hit southern Ecuador has caused deaths across two countries. Over 100 people are reportedly injured. [Read more]
17 hours ago

5 Reasons Why Spring Is the Most Volatile Weather Season

Spring is a battleground season between cold and warm temperatures and that means many different weather threats. [Read more]
22 hours ago

Strong Earthquake Kills At Least Four In Ecuador

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake has hit near Ecuador’s second-largest city, killing at least four people. Damage was reported to multiple homes and other buildings. [Read more]
2 days ago

Waterfall Or Avalanche? Wet Snow Tumbles Over Swiss Alps Cliff

It’s hard to tell whether this is a waterfall or an avalanche. Watch as heavy, wet snow pours over the cliffs of the Swiss Alps. [Read more]
2 days ago

New Corvette Is Fastest Ever, And It’s A Hybrid

The 2024 Corvette E-Ray is a hybrid with all-wheel-drive, both firsts for the iconic sports car. It’s also designed to be driven year-round, even in the winter. [Read more]
3 days ago

Using More Gas This Winter? Here Are The Reasons Why

When the winter temperatures take hold, your fuel economy might tank. Here’s why that happens. [Read more]
4 days ago

Winter Storm Sage: Northeast, New England Begin To Dig Out

Here's the latest on how this nor'easter is affecting millions. [Read more]
6 days ago

Winter Storm Sage: Evening Commute Will Be Tricky; Nor'easter Knocks Out Power To Tens Of Thousands

Here's the latest on how this nor'easter is affecting millions. [Read more]
7 days ago

Snow-Covered Roof Collapses At Duluth Mall

Stores were not open for business when a section of the roof of the Miller Hall Mall crashed onto the floor below. [Read more]
7 days ago

Controversial Alaska Drilling Plan Approved By Biden Administration

The Biden Administration announced the plan to allow 3 drill sites, known as the ConocoPhillips Alaska’s Willow project, to go forward on the petroleum-rich North Slope. [Read more]
Mar 13, 2023, 6:26 pm EDT

Olive Oil Prices Are Rising – Here’s Why

Weather is playing a role in driving up the price of olive oil. Here’s what happened. [Read more]
Mar 13, 2023, 9:38 am EDT

Onion Shortage Signals Threat Of Global Food Crisis

Onion prices have skyrocketed making the world’s second-most consumed vegetable unaffordable to many who depend on them. Here’s how weather factored into the global shortage. [Read more]
Mar 12, 2023, 12:00 pm EDT

Underwater Video Of This Lake Huron Shipwreck Tells A Cruel Story

When the “Ironton” went under it took five of its crew down with it. Now, underwater video footage of the wreckage tells the story of why. [Read more]
Mar 12, 2023, 12:00 pm EDT
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