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You can install widget by simply generating HTML code and pasting it in your website. Currently we provide two kind of widgets:

Free Weather Widgets

All widgets are free and easy to embed in your HTML websites. Widgets work with standard HTML5 and CSS browsers ranging from mobile devices to desktop and Signages, serving as free weather plugin for any website. However in order to pay the bills, we are always trying different monitization methods. Rest assured we make sure they won't destroy the experience of widgets.

Premium Widget Widgets

However usages like signages, or some website you might want to use ad-free experience. We do provite support for premium widgets.

You can contact us, and request instructions on how to install a Premium widgets.

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Work Pants From 1857 Ship Wrecked By Hurricane Sell For More Than $100,000

A​ pair of miner's work pants possibly made by legendary blue jeans company Levi-Strauss recently sold at auction for more than $100,000 after being salvaged from the wreckage of a ship loaded with gold that went down in an 1857 hurricane off the U.S. East Coast. [Read more]
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200 Evacuated After Ice Sheet Breaks Free In Minnesota Lake

A group of ice fishermen was stranded in a Minnesota lake Monday after the ice sheet they were on broke free from the shoreline. [Read more]
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Boil Water Notice In Houston Lifted Tuesday

A boil water notice for more than 2 million residents of Houston that had been in place since Sunday night was lifted on Tuesday. [Read more]
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Florida Neighborhood Struggles To Recover From Hurricane Nicole

Residents in Wilbur-By-The-Sea, Florida, wonder when – or if – their lives will ever be the same after Hurricane Nicole. [Read more]
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IBM, David Clark Cause Award GardenMate Top Call for Code Prize

An innovative app that connects gardeners with excess produce and people in need is winner of the 2022 Call for Code Global Challenge. [Read more]
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Small Plane Crashes Into Power Lines, Leads To 7-Hour Rescue In Maryland

A small plane crashed into a power transmission tower in Maryland Sunday evening, leaving the pilot and passengers suspended roughly 100 feet off the ground during a seven-hour rescue mission. [Read more]
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A Powerful Mudslide On An Italian Resort Island Has Killed At Least One, Up To Dozen Missing

Heavy rains triggered a powerful mudslide on an Italian resort island killing one person and leaving up to a dozen people missing. Officials say some were buried in the mud. [Read more]
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Best Winter And Holiday Books For Weather, Nature And Reading Lovers

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Parked, Wrecked Cars Smashed By Tumbling Box Truck From Overpass Above

A truck tumbled from an elevated overpass during wet road conditions in California. The truck smashed into some cars that had been involved in an earlier wreck. [Read more]
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Russian Volcanoes Threaten Major Eruptions

The Klyuchevskaya Sopka and Shiveluch volcanoes on Russia’s volcanically active Kamchatka Peninsula were spewing ash and lava, meaning there could be more substantial eruptions in the future. [Read more]
3 days ago

Family Rescued By Coast Guard Helicopter After Tides Force Cliffside Retreat

A family in Wales had to retreat up the side of a cliff after strong tides threatened to pull them out to sea or under water. A Coast Guard helicopter rescued the group. [Read more]
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World Cup Stadium Can Be Taken Apart And Moved, Environmentalists Unsure Of Benefit

One of seven world cup stadiums in Qatar has something special about it. Intriguing environmentalists, the stadium can be taken apart and re-used. [Read more]
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Mauna Loa Lava Flow Threatens Main Hawaii Highway

The lava flow from Mauna Loa has slowed down, but it still threatens a main highway on the Big Island of Hawaii. [Read more]
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E-Bike Batteries Blamed For 200 Fires In New York City

The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can spark dangerous fires, especially if damaged or defective. Six deaths have been linked to the battery fires. [Read more]
5 days ago

One Passenger Dead After Rogue Wave Hits Antarctic Cruise; Four Others Injured

An Antarctic cruise was hit by a rogue wave, killing one passenger aboard the ship. Four others were injured. [Read more]
6 days ago

Our story

Weather for us was born out of our frustration with crappy existing plugins, complex installations, and garbage mid-evil designs. Even well-known weather providers were presenting accurate weather data with hogwash looks. Hence weather for us was conceived with a luster design and human simplicity!

Weather for us provides pure HTML weather widget for modern website for free. Using our blazing fast CDN, and geolocation technologies we locate your visitors, and serve them an exquisite weather experience.

More features include:

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