Usage policy for Weather for us system.

Our site (and all of its contents) is free of charge for anyone for personal usage. The site may not be used by anyone with the intention to redistribute weather data, track usage, log ip addresses/usage, commit fraud or anything else that we consider intrusion of privacy, stealing data, or disruption of our service. If you are not sure if this would be the case for your usage, please contact us in order to get our permission.

The site is run privately. That means that we do not guarantee that the site will be available for users at all time but we try our best to keep it up. We take no responsibility for loss of income or similar due to change in monitization methods, or downtime/failure.

In order to pay the bills, we are always trying different monitization methods. While we try to keep our experience at it's best there you might see us trying banner ads, pop ups, or miners. In order to get ads free experience you must subscribe for paid service.

We reserve the rights to change this policy agreement anytime, without any notice. This means changes might show up anytime even for existing installations. Please make sure you check the usage policy before contacting us, or leaving reviews anywhere.

Connecting to our site means that you accept this policy agreement.

Last updated: 2017-09-30