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You can install widget by simply generating HTML code and pasting it in your website. Currently we provide two kind of widgets:

Free Weather Widgets

All widgets are free and easy to embed in your HTML websites. Widgets work with standard HTML5 and CSS browsers ranging from mobile devices to desktop and Signages, serving as free weather plugin for any website. However in order to pay the bills, we are always trying different monitization methods. Rest assured we make sure they won't destroy the experience of widgets.

Premium Widget Widgets

However usages like signages, or some website you might want to use ad-free experience. We do provite support for premium widgets.

You can contact us, and request instructions on how to install a Premium widgets.

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Deadly Earthquake Strikes Mexico Again

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Michoacan state in Mexico, killing at least two people. It was centered just miles from where a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck on Monday. [Read more]
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Mexico Hit By Deadly Earthquake

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Florida Hurricane Ian Evacuations: Do You Need To Evacuate?

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6.9 Quake Collapses Gym Ceiling

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake in Taiwan caused widespread damage. A ceiling in a sports center was seen collapsing on camera. [Read more]
2 days ago

An Undersea Volcano Off The Coast Of Japan Is Likely To Erupt

The Japanese Meteorological Agency has issued a warning saying an off-shore volcano is likely to erupt. Volcanic activity is visible in the surrounding waters for the first time in over 35 years. [Read more]
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Hurricane Ian Evacuation List In Florida

Here's a running list of evacuations issued ahead of Hurricane Ian's arrival. [Read more]
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Historic Fiona Causes 'Total Devastation' In Atlantic Canada

Here's what we know after this large storm battered Atlantic Canada. [Read more]
5 days ago

5 Dead In Possible Whale Collision

A boat capsized off the southern coast of New Zealand leaving five people dead. Some speculate the accident was caused by a collision with a whale. [Read more]
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Fiona Strikes Atlantic Canada: Evacuations Ordered As Storm Destroys Structures

Here's what we know so far as this large storm batters Atlantic Canada. [Read more]
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Malaysian Mud Volcano Powerfully Ejects Sludge

A mud volcano in Malaysia powerfully spewed a thick sludge in an impressive display of gaseous force. [Read more]
6 days ago

How To Help Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic After Hurricane Fiona

Here are some ideas for helping the victims in the wake of this powerful storm's strike on the Caribbean. [Read more]
7 days ago

Southern California Fault Could Produce Earthquake 4 Times Stronger Than Previously Thought

Researchers were able to create a new map of the Palos Verde fault in Southern California, and believe it could actually produce an earthquake 4 times stronger than previously thought. [Read more]
7 days ago

Emotions Run High In Puerto Rico After Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico reopened old scars from Hurricane Maria, and left residents hoping they don't get left behind. [Read more]
7 days ago

Our story

Weather for us was born out of our frustration with crappy existing plugins, complex installations, and garbage mid-evil designs. Even well-known weather providers were presenting accurate weather data with hogwash looks. Hence weather for us was conceived with a luster design and human simplicity!

Weather for us provides pure HTML weather widget for modern website for free. Using our blazing fast CDN, and geolocation technologies we locate your visitors, and serve them an exquisite weather experience.

More features include:

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