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You can install widget by simply generating HTML code and pasting it in your website. Currently we provide two kind of widgets:

Free Weather Widgets

All widgets are free and easy to embed in your HTML websites. Widgets work with standard HTML5 and CSS browsers ranging from mobile devices to desktop and Signages, serving as free weather plugin for any website. However in order to pay the bills, we are always trying different monitization methods. Rest assured we make sure they won't destroy the experience of widgets.

Premium Widget Widgets

However usages like signages, or some website you might want to use ad-free experience. We do provite support for premium widgets.

You can contact us, and request instructions on how to install a Premium widgets.

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Latest News

Deadly Blaze Roars On At Oil Tank Farm

A fire and explosions at a Cuban crude oil storage facility have killed at least one firefighter and injured more than 100 people. Crews from three countries worked to battle the blaze. [Read more]
12 hours ago

Cuba Oil Fire Update: Second Tank Collapses

A second tank collapsed and another explosion rocked Cuba overnight Sunday as the Matzanas oil farm fire worsens. [Read more]
13 hours ago

Lightning Sparks Explosions At Oil Facility

A thunderstorm passed over a Cuban crude oil storage facility causing fires and explosions. Many were injured and missing as firefighters continued to battle the blaze. [Read more]
2 days ago

Large Numbers Of Fish Die From Effects Of Nearby Wildfire

Tribal officials in Northern California believe a landslide caused by heavy rains on a burn scar led to the deaths of large numbers of fish in the Klamath River. [Read more]
2 days ago

Lava Spews From Volcano Fissure in Iceland

After a series of earthquakes, a volcano about 30 miles outside of Reykjavik, Iceland, has erupted. Video shows a fissure spewing lava. [Read more]
2 days ago

Strong Philippines Earthquake Kills Four, Dozens Injured

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines Wednesday morning damaging buildings and causing landslides. At least four people are dead with dozens more injured. [Read more]
3 days ago

Wildfire Numbers Don't Tell The Whole Story

Some parts of the U.S. are seeing unusually large areas of land burned by wildfires and others less than normal. But the worst time of year for wildfires in many places is just starting. [Read more]
4 days ago

Sailor Survives 16 Hours Under Capsized Boat

An unnamed French sailor survived 16 hours in an air bubble under his capsized boat off the coast of Spain as rough conditions made his rescue “on the edge of the impossible.” [Read more]
4 days ago

How The Mona Lisa Keeps Cool

A system of icy water pipes runs beneath Paris. The unique cooling system is expanding. The system uses the thermal properties of the Seine to cool several buildings around the city. [Read more]
4 days ago

Erupted For Months, Spewing Magma Again

Fagradalsfjall Volcano, which erupted for months last year, is once again spewing magma. [Read more]
5 days ago

Japan's Sakurajima Volcano Erupts

Sakurajima volcano erupted Sunday night on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, prompting evacuations. The country’s meteorological agency raised the alert level to the highest possible for just the second time in history. [Read more]
6 days ago

Kentucky Flooding: Teen, Dog Make Harrowing Escape To Roof, Wait 5 Hours For Help

Chloe Adams had a choice: swim through raging floodwaters, or drown in her own home. [Read more]
7 days ago

California's McKinney Fire Explodes In Size

McKinney Fire is rapidly growing in California. This fire is currently the largest fire in California and is not contained. [Read more]
Aug 1, 2022, 12:50 pm EDT

Kentucky Flooding: Search And Rescue Efforts Continue As The Death Toll Rises

The death toll in Kentucky continued to rise Saturday. [Read more]
Jul 31, 2022, 10:54 am EDT

Satellite Time Lapse Shows Great Salt Lake Dropping To Historic Lows

The lake went from historic highs in 1986 to record lows this year. [Read more]
Jul 29, 2022, 12:00 pm EDT

Our story

Weather for us was born out of our frustration with crappy existing plugins, complex installations, and garbage mid-evil designs. Even well-known weather providers were presenting accurate weather data with hogwash looks. Hence weather for us was conceived with a luster design and human simplicity!

Weather for us provides pure HTML weather widget for modern website for free. Using our blazing fast CDN, and geolocation technologies we locate your visitors, and serve them an exquisite weather experience.

More features include:

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